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Yiwu Market

Yiwu is undoubtedly the most famous and largest wholesale market in the world, with more than 75000 stalls selling a wide variety of products, involving more than 400,000 products sold on the market. Yiwu Commodity Market consists of several districts, which have classified the products, and you can plan your visit according to your own convenience. There are also several sub-markets, that is, they are classified according to the categories of products sold in Yiwu China Wholesale Market.

Yiwu futian market guide

Yiwu International Trade City has five districts, bringing together nearly 28 categories and more than 320000 kinds of goods. The first area specializes in toys, artificial flowers, home decoration products and fashion jewelry and accessories. The second area focuses on luggage and hardware for kitchens and bathrooms. The three districts focus on the development of stationery and cosmetics industry. Clothing and daily necessities are mainly displayed in District 4. The five districts focus on imported goods and bedding.

Yiwu’s transportation advantages have also brought small commodities to all parts of the world, and the perfect logistics system has made Yiwu a real one-stop wholesale market. Once an order is placed, all subsequent processes are committed. Yiwu International Trade City is still accelerating the pace of international development, Yiwu market will not let buyers down.

The first area of Yiwu International Trade City Market in China has a construction area of 340,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan.
There are more than 10,000 business booths and more than 10,500 operating households.
1st floor: Flower, vase, plush toys, inflatable toys, electronic toys, common toys.
2nd floor: Ornaments, jewelry, accessory.
3rd floor: Xmas, craft,ceramic, frame products.
4th floor: More Xmas and craft items.
The second area of Yiwu International Trade City in China has a construction area of more than 600,000 square meters, with more than 8,000 operating booths and more than 10,000 operating households.
The market is equipped with commercial buildings, office buildings, four-star hotels and two squares in the east and the west, and a round-trip sightseeing tour bus is opened.
1st floor: Raincoat, umbrellas and various bags.
2nd floor: Lock & switch, tools & machine and vehicle products.
3rd floor: Kitchen & bath, phone/PC/TV/lamp equipment and clock & watch products.
4th floor: Hardware, outdoor products and electrical.
The construction area of the third area of Yiwu International Trade City in China is 460,000 square meters, and there are more than 8,000 operating households.
The market has multiple surface parking lots and rooftop parking lots.
1st floor: Paper products & pens and glasses.
2nd floor: Office supplier and sports equipment.
3rd floor: Daily use, cosmetic tool, zippers & buttons.
4th floor: Cosmetics, sports and cloths Acc.
5th floor: Picture frame.

The Fourth District Market of China Yiwu International Trade City is the sixth-generation market of Yiwu China Commodity City. The market has a construction area of 1.08 million square meters and has 16,000 booths.

The east and west sides of the market are supporting auxiliary rooms, integrating modern logistics, e-commerce, international trade, financial services, catering services and other market supporting service facilities, as well as 4D cinema, tourism shopping and other characteristic commercial entertainment services.

1st floor: Socks & Stockings.
2nd floor: Daily use items and Hat & Gloves.
3rd floor: Towel, tie, lace, tape and shoes.
4th floor: Scarf, belt and bra & underwear.
5th floor: Picture frame.

The five-district market of the International Trade City is located in the south of Yiwu City New Avenue, the north of Yinhai Road, the east of Provincial Highway 310, and the west of the fourth district of the International Trade City, with convenient transportation and unique location advantages.
The market building area is 640,000 square meters, with a total investment of 1.42 billion yuan. It is divided into five floors above ground and two floors below ground. With more than 7000 booths.

1st floor: Imported items and jewelry & cloths.

2nd floor: Bedding, wedding supplier and hair products.

3rd floor: Knitted raw material and curtain.

4th floor: Auto Acc and pets.

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