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TOP EASE has to build a long-term business relationship with factories. Our low commissions keep your products below market prices

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What is China Sourcing Agent ?

A sourcing agent is a person or agency that represents a buyer to source commodities, and buy products that are out of the buyer’s reach. Sourcing agents or sourcing companies are often needed in international trade.

Traditionally, a sourcing agent is not only to source suppliers for his client. Indeed, the services provided by sourcing agencies can include selecting the right supplier, making price negotiations, following up production, quality control, product compliance and testing, shipping, etc.

It’s not said that sourcing agents or companies are due to provide the full range of services. The work scope depends on the agreement reached by both sides.

Yiwu Market

One-Stop Service


Store Output

Best discount,VIP service



Take photos, make note, bargin with suppliers.



Send order list within 24 hours.



Flexible payment terms T/T,L/C, D/P, O/A.


Shipment &QC

Send inspection pictures before shipment; best discount on ocean freight, a strong relationship with the shipping company.



30/60/90 days credit payment, strong financial support.


After-sale Service

100% guarantee of quality. We do more than you think.

Yiwu wholesale market

Why You Need a Sourcing Agent

Price comparison with more than 5 vendors

Online video supported to help you quick selection and efficient discussion

Smaple collecting for further cooperation

Update competitive and new products weekly

Completed package and delivery terms

Risk control in order following up

Who Cooperate With TOP EASE

China Product Sourcing FAQ

1. Christmas and Party Items 2. Toys 3. Plastic and Household Items 4. Ceramic and Glass Items 5. Luggage Boxes and Bags 6. Furniture and Home Furnishing 7. Leather Shoes and Sandals 8. Hardware tools 9. Electric Tools 10. School Use Items 11. Clothes and Dressing 11. Bed Sheets and Bed Covers 12. Fabric materials 13. Sport Items 14. Pet supplies 15. Much more
Yiwu as the biggest trading center in the world. You can find anything you want there. Because every province have its own profession, so we built office in Yiwu, Ningbo, Shantou, Guangzhou to meet clients needs.

1. Source products you need and send quotation
2. Yiwu Market Guide and Factory audit
3. Place orders and follow up production
4. Product repacking and design
5. inspection and quality control
6. Free storage and consolidation service
7. Offer importing consultation
8. Handle relevant documents
9. Customs clearance and shipment

We can do more than you think

1. You send me your trip schedule to help you to book the hotel and transport
2. We will arrange two staffs to follow with you and work in the market or factory
3. We will send all information in the night or print the document in the next morning.
4. You should go to my office to check and confirm the orders before you leave the Yiwu.
We arrange all the things in advance, like: hotel, transport, staffs, tools(tape, notebook, camera etc..), factory information, products sourcing information. Clients don’t worry the works in Yiwu.

Suppliers in the B2B platforms may be factories,trading companies,second or even third part middlemen.There are hundreds of price for the same product and it is very hard to judge who they are by checking their website.Actually,those clients who purchased from China before may know,there is no lowest but lower price in China.

We keep the promise that quoted price is same as the supplier’s and no any other hidden charge. We offer you a easier way to buy goods from different suppliers who maybe located in different cities.This is what the B2B platform suppliers’ can’t do cause they normally only focus on one field products.

. The delivery time will mainly depend on two factors: item availability and shipping services.
. We provide customers with various transportation services, such as express, air freight, sea Transportation, rail transportation, FCL and LCL.

If the factories have enough stocks,we can accept your quantity;
If no enough stocks,factories would ask MOQ for new production.

1. After the order placed,you need to pay 30% of the goods value as deposti to us ( Anti-epidemic products need to pay 50% of the goods value as deposit).
2. Offer flexible payment terms, any payment term T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A are available on our customer's demand.

The Yiwu is very near with Shanghai and Hangzhou, you can take high speed train or city bus from Shanghai, if you need, we also could arrange a car to pick up you from the airport.
The yiwu also have the flight line from Guangzhou, shenzhen, shantou and Hong Kong.

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Yiwu Agent Blogs

China Products Sourcing Guide

China is fast becoming one of the largest economies of this century. Although the prices of products in the Chinese market are rising, the prices are still much better than the domestic market.

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