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Can't Visit China Because of COVID-19?

Can’t go abroad? Online service is your best choice. Union Source provided an online service including online video meetings with agents, video visits Yiwu market, video inspection product quality, etc. Our online service can help you through online video service to choose new items. Online service is widely welcomed by more than 200 customers and it helps them achieve a turnover of more than 10 million US Dollar. It’s never too late to start.

Why Online Service

Live Selection of Yiwu Market

2020 is a special and challenging year, online business will be the trend, customer who bought from market before, their business need go on, but you can not come to Yiwu and choose the goods from the market.
Live Selection of Yiwu Market

How We Work with Online Service?


Preparation — Make an appointment with customers in advance to confirm video meeting time and projects.


Online Meeting Available Tools:Wechat, Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom


After the customer confirms the order, we will carry out the product production, follow up the production, inspect the quality, handle the import and export documents, and arrange the delivery in time.


Confirm Quality

Online After-sales service

Why Top Ease

Our one-stop service will be your senior choice to supply cost-effective plans and processes. Contact us now!

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Yiwu Agent Blogs

China Products Sourcing Guide

China is fast becoming one of the largest economies of this century. Although the prices of products in the Chinese market are rising, the prices are still much better than the domestic market.

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